Lancia Thema Ferrari 8.32

Production year 1986, 1^ registration 1987, 1^ series (not catalyzed); 2 owners, 170.000 Km; Inspected by Ferrari professionals (distribution – filters – oil – general inspection - injection inspection, spark plug wires, alternator, clutch); Braking system, engine mounts, camshaft , spark plug wires, gearbox total inspection, new shock absorber; Used just for 12/15.000 Km after general inspection; Dunlop Sport Blue Response Tires practically new (just 1200 Km), 205/50x16” (listed on car registration); ASI + CRS certified; Spare parts: five original 15” wheels + minor spare parts stock (complete list on request), alcantara original interns in perfect condition + possibility of a new driver’s seat with alcantara armrests; Done works invoices available.

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