FIAT UNO Turbo i.e. Gr.A with FIA HTP

Racing historic car with FIA HTP with validity 31.12.2024.
1985 year - prepared as a "4 Rombi" replica Gr.A in 2006 - general overhaul of the car with new engine in 2017, then only one rally and one slalom.
Engine prepared by specialist Sartori according to Group A specifications (156 HP - 23 Kgm).
Reinforced axle shafts - all suspensions on uniball - adjustable shock absorbers - close dog gearbox Bacci - short final drive with self-locking - ergal clutch - lightweight flywheel - fiberglass tank protection - 2 engine protection (strong and light). Belts and seats valid as of 31.12.2020 - New extinguishing system and manual fire extinguisher - GPS predisposition - double flexilight - headlight box with additional headlights.
2 spare wheels Speedline Montecarlo (6.5 x 15 ”) like those mounted on the car.

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